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Our next PELC Parent Club meeting has been changed to Tuesday, November 15th  at 7:00 pm. We hope you can join us in the PELC Community Room, just off the main entrance. Thanks to all who attended our first meeting in October. Here are the officers for 2016-2017:

  • President- Jessica Picard
  • Vice-President- Nicole Kellas
  • Treasurer- Beth Harris
  • Secretary- Erin Purchase


The Pendleton School District continues to focus on attendance during the month of October.

Parents of school-aged children are the best resource to ensure good attendance for students, but often don’t realize how quickly absences can add up to academic trouble. Students usually don’t realize the cost of absenteeism. In a national survey, nearly half the older students surveyed believe they could skip a day a week and still not suffer academically. Every absence matters at every grade level. Every day missed is a day of instruction missed, a day of classroom interaction with students and teachers that can’t be recovered. Here are some parent resources:

Elementary Attendance Tips
Middle School/High School Attendance Tips

For more facts on attendance, visit District Attendance Campaign.

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